Air New Zealand Lounge, Auckland

After an amazing flight and a restful night’s sleep, I headed to the Air New Zealand lounge to wait out my five hour layover in Auckland. Being that I hadn’t planned on flying through Auckland, I hadn’t done any research on this lounge and didn’t know what to expect.

Entrance to the Air New Zealand lounge

This lounge was huge, but was divided into separate areas so it didn’t seem like a massive waiting room with seats. Even though it was about 6:00 AM, I decided to grab a bottle of mead and grabbed a seat out in the terrace area.

The terrace
Drinking my mead in my fancy lounge chair

If it were a bit warmer out, they would have had the roof to the terrace retracted as well, but nonetheless, the numerous windows made for a great runway view once the sun came up.

After relaxing in the terrace area and going through some emails, I made my way inside to have my second breakfast of the day. Like the lounge, the buffet was massive. Unlike most lounge buffets though, they had a section with a chef who prepared fresh dishes right on the spot. The paninis were amazing.

The hot section of the breakfast buffet
The cold section of the buffet
Tried out a few breakfast items

After trying out the sumptuous breakfast offerings, I snapped a few pictures of the lounge and of the planes at the surrounding gates.

I really love how Air New Zealand has a common decor and color scheme between the lounge, aircraft, and employee uniforms.

Main section of the lounge
Communal dining table
The tarmac view from the lounge

After breakfast, I checked out one of the shower suites to freshen up, then I headed to the theater area to work on the blog.

Shower suite at the Air New Zealand lounge

I really loved the theater area in the lounge. It was quiet, darker than the rest of the lounge, and made for a good spot to truly relax when it got a bit busy. They had a rugby program playing on the television, which was definitely interesting to watch.

Lounge theater area

I sampled some lunch items as well. Three meals before 11:00 AM would be ludicrous anywhere else, but when traveling, it seems perfectly acceptable!

The buffet all set up for lunch
I tried a sandwich and a couple wraps

Overall, I’d place this lounge on par with the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX, better than a regular United Club, and just below the Polaris Lounge in Chicago.

After spending five hours in the lounge, it was just about boarding time. I headed out and made my way towards the gate and got ready to board my flight to Perth.


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