The Marina Bay Sands

After our three days in Singapore, the grand finale was our stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. In addition to its unique architecture, what really sets this hotel apart is the rooftop infinity pool. It’s the largest elevated pool in the world and at 478 feet long, it’s nearly as long as three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

View of the hotel from Gardens by the Bay



With over 2500 rooms, the hotel has multiple check-in areas spread throughout the massive lobby, so the short line went quickly. They also had an employee handing out bottles of fruit juice, which I thought was a nice touch.

Mango juice at check in

After checking in, we made our way to the third tower to take the elevator up to our room on the 45th floor.

The bottom third of each of the towers is an atrium and all three are connected, so you can walk between them.

The atrium at the bottom of the towers



All the furnishings, materials, and features in the room were top-notch.  The bathroom was spacious, and the view from the balcony overlooking the ocean was beautiful. The curtains for the room could be controlled by a bedside switch, which was especially neat.

One really awesome feature was when you entered the room and placed your room key in the slot to turn on the lights, it automatically opened the curtains for you. They literally thought of everything here.

King size bed with fancy lighting
Looking towards the balcony
View of the ocean and the Gardens by the Bay
Massive walk-in shower
The view from the room at night


The Shoppes

Attached to the hotel is a massive mall with over 300 stores spread out over nearly one million square feet of floor space. If your feet get tired after shopping, running down the center of the mall is a canal, where you can traverse the mall via gondola.



Cé La Vie

The hotel also boasts one of the highest restaurants and nightclubs in the city, Cé La Vie. It wasn’t as big as I had expected and the drink prices are a bit steep, but it was worth checking out for a while.

One of the best views of the city
The bottle list



Although the room and the club are definitely cool, the main reason just about everyone stays here is for the rooftop infinity pool. Although the observation deck is open to the public, the only way you can access the pool is to stay at the hotel. It certainly did not fail to impress.

The massive pool faces the city and the multiple hot tubs face toward the ocean.

Checking out the pool at night
Relaxing in the hot tub

The view in the morning was equally, if not more spectacular.

Checking out the pool in the morning
The edge isn’t nearly as scary as it looks
Pina coladas for breakfast
The landscaping is impeccable

Sadly, after a couple hours at the pool, it was getting close to check out time, so after packing up, we made our way downstairs to check out. Next, we headed to Changi Airport, which is a destination in itself.

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