Budapest Airport and Business Class on Turkish Airlines

After arriving on the 100E airport bus, I made my way to the check-in counter. Although I had originally planned to arrive at the airport about an hour earlier, I’m glad I didn’t as the counter only opened about two hours prior to departure.


Arrival and Check-In

After arriving at the airport, I made my way to the business class check-in line and waited for them to open. Fortunately I only had to wait a few minutes for them to open, but I kind of felt bad for the fifty people waiting in the economy line, as they were getting antsy.

Haven’t seen one of these things in a while
Waiting for check-in to open



The Platinum Lounge

I headed through security and made my way through terminal 2B and up to the Platinum Lounge upstairs.

Entrance to The Platinum Lounge

Although I gained entrance by having business class ticket, access was available at the door for around $50, or you could purchase access via LoungeBuddy for $35. It’s also a Priority Pass lounge as well.

Along the back wall was a solid buffet with heavy hors d’oeuvres along with a sizable drink selection with all the standard soft drinks, wines, and liquors you’d expect.

Buffet at the Platinum Lounge
Buffet at the Platinum Lounge
Drink selection at the Platinum Lounge

I grabbed a seat by the window and spent the next hour plane spotting until it was time to board my flight.

The whole time I was there, there were probably less than ten people in the lounge, which was a stark contrast from most other lounges with such an open access policy.

View of the inside of the lounge

Overall, the Platinum Lounge was a decent mid-level lounge and I’d gladly spend $35 for a visit if I had couple hours to spend at the airport.


Headed to Istanbul

Turkish Airlines flight 1034
BUD [Budapest] to IST [Istanbul]
October 20, 2017
Depart: 1:50 PM
Arrive: 4:55 PM
Duration: 2hr5min
Aircraft: 737-800
Seat: 2F

Boarding took place on time and I made my way onboard and grabbed my seat in 2F. The seat pitch in all the seats was quite gratuitous, even for short-haul business class.

Seat 2F on Turkish Airlines business class

After getting situated, one of the flight attendants came by with a tray of pre-departure beverages. I selected what was a refreshing combination of cranberry juice and mint.

Pre-departure beverages

Once we pushed back and the safety demonstration was complete, a few ads played on the overhead screens, one of which featured none other than Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman

Here’s the video:

We made good time making our way to the runway and had a smooth takeoff.

Takeoff out of Budapest

After getting in the air, the crew came around to take drink orders and start the meal service.

I decided to go with the Islim Kebab entrée. I also ordered a bourbon and Diet Coke, but more on that later.

Lunch menu
Starter of meze, tabbouleh, and hummus
Islim Kebab entrée

The food was absolutely incredible. By far, it was the best meal I’ve ever had on a short-haul flight. The first course was interesting and flavorful and the entree was well-cooked and filling. I had heard about Do & Co’s catering, but this was my first chance to experience it firsthand.

The only hiccup with the meal was the beverage service. I guess it may have been a cultural or language difference, but when I ordered my bourbon and Coke, I only got bourbon. I followed by just ordering a Coke to follow and mixed them together. It was definitely quite odd. The same went for my next flight when I ordered a vodka and orange juice. Nonetheless, that wouldn’t dissuade me from flying on Turkish again.

After the meal, I checked out the in-flight entertainment system, which I have to say, was impressive. It had a wide variety of new releases available and it was as responsive as an iPad. Even though the flight was just about long enough to watch a movie, I was much more interested in looking out the window and watching the world go by.

Turkish Airlines IFE system

After a short two hours in the air, we were finally back on the ground.

I definitely loved my first experience on Turkish Airlines and would highly recommend them to anyone traveling throughout Europe.

Now it was time to explore Istanbul.

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