The Delta Flight Museum and Atlanta Airport Lounges

For our grand finale, we headed towards the airport to check out the Delta Flight Museum before flying back home the following afternoon. They recently put a retired Boeing 747-400 on display, so I absolutely had to check it out along with the other historical aircraft on display.


Delta Flight Museum

The two hangars that make up most of the Delta Flight Museum

The Delta Flight Museum, located on the outskirts of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is home to many historic aircraft flown during the past century by Delta Air Lines. As you make your way to the entrance, you’ll pass by a few sets of landing gear on your way inside.

Entrance to the Delta Flight Museum

Once inside, we were greeted by a Travel Air 6000 and Delta Ship 41, the airline’s first DC-3 to operate passenger flights.

Delta Travel Air 6000
Delta Ship 41

After exploring the first hangar, we made our way through the tunnel and over to the second, much larger hangar.

Heading through the tunnel

Prominently on display was The Spirit of Delta, the first 767-200 in Delta’s fleet. It had been purchased in 1982 with funds raised by Delta’s employees and other supporters. After retirement, the aircraft was turned into a museum and placed inside historic Hangar 2 for all to see.

The Spirit of Delta
767 landing gear
767 cockpit
First class
The museum inside the plane
767 galley

After checking out the 767, we made our way through the other exhibits in the hangar.

Taking a balloon ride

Finally, we made our way across the parking lot to the 747.

Ship 6301 was the first 747-400 built by Boeing and flew 61 million miles from 1988 until 2015.

Delta’s 747-400
Had to get a pic inside the engine

Inside, you can tour the entire aircraft and make your way towards the rear where you can see the inner workings of this magnificent plane.

The Delta One cabin in the nose
Upper deck Delta One cabin
The 747 cockpit

The front portion of the plane looked just like any 747 you’d generally see in service, but as you make your way to the back, you can truly see something special.

Much of the interior paneling has been removed, so you can see all the inner workings of the plane.

Heading towards the tail
The cabin ventilation system under the floor
The stairs leading up to the overhead crew rest area

Along with all the photos, I also did a video tour of the plane.

After spending an hour or two checking out the plane, we made our way back into the city to grab dinner and pack up for our flight home the next day.

If you ever find yourself with time to kill near the Atlanta airport, definitely check this place out. You won’t be disappointed.



The Club at ATL

First up, we made our way over to the international terminal to check out The Club at ATL. I had just activated my Priority Pass membership that I got from my Chase Sapphire Reserve and was happy to hear that this lounge would accept my digital card on my phone, as my plastic card hadn’t been mailed yet.

The lounge was arranged similar to the average airport club, but what made the place truly stand out was the drink selection at the bar. Numerous mid to top-shelf liquors were available, including multiple scotches, such as the Glenlivet 12. Although I’m not sure if they technically had waitstaff, we had no problem getting made-to-order drinks delivered to our seats too.

A bit crowded, but worth it
A Sex on the Beach and a Bahama Mama

The food selection was also quite good, with multiple wraps, salad choices, snacks, and soup available.

One of the two buffets in the lounge
Drink station
The bar was packed for the UVa basketball game

If you have some extra time on a layover, definitely make your way over to The Club in the international terminal.



United Club at ATL

Over in Terminal T, between gates 11 and 12, you’ll find the United Club. As Atlanta is primarily a Delta airport, this place was completely deserted.

Main seating area in the Atlanta United Club
Additional seating

This place was so quiet, that it didn’t even have a bar, in fact, I think this was the only domestic United Club I’ve been to that didn’t have one.

No complaints on my part though, as they had complimentary Blue Moon on tap, another first for me at a UC.


Along with the beer, wine, and prosecco, they had the typical soup and salad bar that you’d find at the typical UC.

Drinking a Blue Moon and watching the planes

One thing that made this place stand out was the tarmac view. Not only could you see a ton of planes, but you could also watch takeoffs and landings on one of ATL’s five runways.

Dark skies over Atlanta

As our gate was literally right next door, we waited until just after boarding began to make our way downstairs for our fight home.

Overall, this definitely was definitely one of the better United Club’s I’ve been to. No crowds, good beer, and a great view while I waited for my flight.

That concludes my posts from my Atlanta trip. Thanks for reading!


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