My First Time on Malaysia Airlines

I’m always excited to fly a new airline. Flying is in general very safe and although I had a few reservations about it, I booked a flight on Malaysia Airlines to get me from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to start the second part of my trip.

I typically book my flights with miles whenever it’s the most economically feasible, but since this nearly two-hour flight was only $208 for business class and using miles would have taken me on a more circuitous route, this paid direct flight was the best option.


Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

After checking in, my first stop was the Golden Lounge where I could grab lunch and a quick shower while I waited for my afternoon flight to Vietnam.

Escalator to the lounge upstairs

Once upstairs, the staff checked my boarding pass and I made my way inside.

Entrance to the Golden Lounge
Golden Lounge seating area
Golden Lounge seating area
Golden Lounge bar

The lounge was massive and never got really busy during my stay there.

After scoping the place out, I made my way over to the buffet to grab some lunch.

Golden Lounge buffet
Golden Lounge buffet

I went with some of the gourmet mac & cheese along with some chicken and some small sandwiches. They also had some interesting beverages along with the standard soft drink options.

Lunch and an energy drink

I somehow missed the panini station, so I got a grilled cheese later on as well.

Fancy grilled cheese

I then checked the shower out and freshened up before my flight.

Accessible shower suite

The accessible shower suite that I was given proved to be a bit troublesome, as it was hard to avoid getting my belongings wet in the open room. After walking around a bit more, I was able to get a glimpse of the regular shower suites, which I would strongly recommend you ask for if you don’t need the extra space.

Regular shower suite

After a couple short hours at the airport, it was almost boarding time, so I headed over to the gate.


Time to Fly

Malaysia Airlines flight 758
KUL [Kuala Lumpur] to SGN [Ho Chi Minh City]
August 19, 2018
Depart: 2:45 PM
Arrive: 3:40 PM
Duration: 1hr55min
Aircraft: 737-800
Seat: 2A

Boarding commenced a bit later than originally scheduled, as we had to wait for our plane to arrive first.

Malaysia Airlines 737-800

Soon enough, the plane was serviced and we headed onboard.

The interior was a bit dated, but seemed to be very clean.

Malaysia Airlines business class
Malaysia Airlines business class

After I got settled in, the crew came by to distribute drinks and hot towels.

Interestingly, Malaysia Airlines actually doesn’t serve alcohol on flights under three hours, but they do offer delicious pink guava juice on flights departing Kuala Lumpur.

It was so good that I would honestly pass up a gin and tonic for this stuff again.

Pink guava juice
Hot towel

Despite our plane’s slightly late arrival, we pushed back right on time.

Once in the air, the crew took orders for lunch.

Business class menu
Version 2
Business class menu
Business class menu

Of course, I had to go with the chicken rice.

Business class meal with chicken rice

And garlic bread, of course

Garlic bread

Overall, the meal was quite good. It was pretty middle-of-the-road: better than most Lufthansa regional flights I’ve had, but a step down from what I’ve had on Turkish on a similar length flight.

Before landing, I tried a few of the snacks on offer and ordered a hot cup of Milo, something that you can usually only find on this side of the world.

Malaysia Airlines snacks
Hot Milo

After just under two hours, I was finally in Ho Chi Minh city.

No alcohol aside, I would happily fly Malaysia Airlines again. The food was average, but the crew was lovely, the seats were comfortable, and the price was very reasonable.

Phu Quoc was only another one-hour flight away, but getting there proved to be much harder than I had had ever imagined.

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