Upper Deck Business Class on Lufthansa’s 747-400

Boarding began on time from the Lufthansa Lounge and we made our way down the corridor and past the nose of D-ABVU, a majestic 20 year-old 747-400 before heading down the jet bridge.

Lufthansa flight 417
IAD [Washington Dulles] to FRA [Frankfurt]
September 3, 2018
Depart: 3:40 PM
Arrive: 5:30 AM
Duration: 7hr50min
Aircraft: 747-400
Seat: 84A

View of D-ABVU

Once onboard, I headed upstairs and to seat 84A, just behind the upper deck emergency exit.

Seats 84A and 84C
Seat 84A
Lufthansa seat controls

After getting situated, the crew came by to offer some pre-departure water and sparkling wine and advised me that they would be serving proper Champagne once we were in the air.

Lufthansa pre-departure beverages

I have always liked Lufthansa’s practical amenity kits and the bag from this one will be put to good use for cords and cables later on.

Lufthansa business class amenity kit

Once we reached cruising altitude, the meal service began.

Lufthansa Business Class Menu
Lufthansa Business Class Menu
Lufthansa Business Class Menu

First, warm nuts were served.

Lufthansa Business Class Nuts

For the main meal, I went with an appetizer of sliced halibut, a salad, an entree of tenderloin of beef with shrimp. For dessert, I decided to try everything and ordered the cheese course, Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream, and pinapple.

Lufthansa Business Class Appetizer
Lufthansa Business Class Main Course
Lufthansa Business Class Cheese Course
Lufthansa Business Class Dessert

Dinner was fantastic and served with typical Lufthansa efficiency and etiquette.

As the flight was making good time, I had only a few hours to rest before it was time for breakfast.

Lufthansa Business Class Breakfast

Breakfast was simple, quick, and all I really needed, as I was still stuffed from dinner a few hours earlier.

We made our descent into Frankfurt a bit ahead of schedule and ended our flight with a smooth landing. Overall, this was a great flight, both due to the Lufthansa service, the delicious food, comfortable seat, and above all, because this was only my second flight on the upper deck of a 747.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my next trip.


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