Vienna to Bangkok in Austrian Business Class

Next up was our journey from Vienna to Bangkok. After our adventure in the city, we headed back to the airport, cleared security and passport control, and made our way to the Senator Lounge for a snack and a shower.

Shower room at the Austrian Senator lounge

I always love showering before an overnight flight, as I think you sleep much better afterwards.


Vienna to Bangkok

Austrian flight 25
VIE [Vienna] to BKK [Bangkok]
June 27, 2019
Depart: 11:20 PM
Arrive: 2:20 PM
Duration: 10hr0min
Aircraft: 777-200ER
Seat: 6K

We boarded a few minutes late, as the gate agents were trying to auction off a few last minute upgrades. The gate area seemed a little bit chaotic, but they did shuffle the premium passengers and economy passengers into separate bullpens before the boarding process started.

Austrian 777-200ER seat map

The business class cabin was arranged in an alternating pattern of 1-2-1 and 2-2-2 with seven rows between the first and second pairs of doors and one row behind the second pair of doors.

Austrian 777-200ER business class cabin
Seats 6H and 6K
Seating controls

Once we got situated, the chef came by to introduce himself and hand us our menus.

Version 2
Austrian in-flight chef

The breakfast menu came with a pen, so you could check off your selections and write down your seat number, so it would be ready when you woke up.

Austrian business class breakfast menu

The dinner menu has lots of great options.

Austrian business class dinner menu

There was also an extensive list of wine, beer, and liquor to choose from.

Austrian business class drink menu
Austrian business class drink menu
Austrian business class drink menu
Austrian business class drink menu

The flight attendants also came by to offer pre-departure beverages.

Pre-departure beverage

We took off right on time and once we leveled off, it was time to begin the meal service.

It began efficiently, with two pairs of flight attendants working each aisle, distributing the table settings and appetizers.

Austrian business class meal service
Austrian business class meal service

First up, was beef carpaccio and pea soup served right off the trolley.


For the main, I didn’t take much time to decide on the braised lamb shank with ratatouille.

Entree of braised lamb shank

The meal service continued with coffee and dessert. Austrian offers ten varieties of gourmet coffee on their long-haul business class product. I wish I could have tried several, but my stomach was completely full and I wanted to have a fighting chance of falling asleep. I did try just one along with an Austrian strudel and a bowl of sorbet to make sure I got the full experience though.

Austrian coffee menu
Austrian coffee and dessert

I could barely keep my eyes open, even with the coffee after dinner. I slept a solid six hours and awoke just in time for breakfast.

Once again, Austrian really knocked it out of the park here. I decided on the sunny side up eggs with bacon along with yogurt, ham and cheese, jam, fruit, and fresh coffee on the side.

Austrian business class breakfast

The meal was exquisite in every way. I’m quite sure those eggs were cracked that morning by the chef and cooked in the oven, as he hand delivered the dish while wearing an oven mitt, just like a steak in a fine restaurant.

About an hour after breakfast was served, I could see Thailand out of my window.

Descending into Bangkok

In conclusion, I think Austrian has the best business class food of any airline I’ve ever flown. Every part of the meal would fit in at a fine restaurant. Furthermore, the service was impeccable and the seats were comfortable, with pairs and single seats available to suit the size of your travel party. I cannot wait to fly Austrian business class again.

Now just one more flight to get to Phuket.

Thanks for reading!


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