Bangkok to Frankfurt in Lufthansa Economy

As much as I try to sit up front, sometimes it’s still a much better deal to ride in economy. For this flight, I would be setting a new personal record and flying 12 hours in economy and reminding myself why I prefer to ride towards the pointy end of the plane.

Lufthansa flight 773
BKK [Bangkok] to FRA [Frankfurt]
July 7, 2019
Depart: 11:00 PM
Arrive: 6:00 AM
Duration: 12hr0min
Aircraft: A340-300
Seat: 19K

We boarded in the first group due to my Star Alliance Gold status, so we could settle in and get our luggage stowed before the rest of the cabin filled up. In the back, the seats were arranged in a respectable 2-4-2 configuration, so as long as you didn’t get a seat in the middle section, it didn’t feel to cramped width-wise.

Lufthansa A340-300 seat map
Lufthansa A340-300 Economy and Premium Economy cabins

Although the seats were decently wide, there was still a bit of an issue with legroom. This was going to be a long flight…

Lufthansa economy legroom

We soon pushed back and the crew screened the standard, dry Lufthansa safety video.

Lufthansa safety video

Once we leveled off, the crew came around to serve dinner. Fortunately as we were sitting in the front of the economy cabin, we got our meals fairly quickly. Also, as an added bonus, we got our meals on proper china, as there were a few left over from serving premium economy.

Lufthansa (premium) economy meal

The food was pretty tasty, especially for economy. I was hoping some of that sparkling wine would put me to sleep, but it didn’t really help much. I nodded off here and there and my travel partner even offered to switch seats with me so that I might have some more space. These twelve hours seemed to go on forever.

Eventually, I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise as we neared the German border.

Lufthansa sunrise

Breakfast was definitely not too bad. Once again, we were given a premium economy tray. The dragonfruit was my favorite.

Lufthansa breakfast

I even was able to get a proper mimosa.

Lufthansa economy mimosa

Finally, after twelve grueling hours, we touched down in Frankfurt.


Lets be honest. Long haul economy generally sucks, especially when you’re tall. But Lufthansa’s product is definitely a step above the rest.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Bangkok to Frankfurt in Lufthansa Economy

  1. My heart went out to you with the picture of your knees hitting. Food did look amazing though. Lol 12 hours to learn by πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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