Frankfurt to Chicago

So it was finally time to head home. After spending some time in the Lufthansa lounge, I made my way to the gate just before boarding.

This would be my third trip in Polaris on United’s 777-200 and although it’s not as fancy as Lufthansa’s or Singapore Airlines’ product, it was a great deal when booking with miles. Plus the lie-flat beds are long enough to fit my 6’3″ frame, which is always appreciated.

United flight 906
FRA [Frankfurt] to ORD [Chicago]
October 25, 2017
Depart: 12:45 PM
Arrive: 3:10 PM
Duration: 9hr25min
Aircraft: 777-200
Seat: 6K

Boarding began on time in true German fashion and I made my way on board to take my seat.

I was able to snag seat 6K, which is located in the smaller forward business class cabin, up against the bulkhead. On this aircraft, seats 6A/6B and 6J/6K are among the most desirable in business class, plus you can place your blankets and other items on top of the video screens against the bulkhead, so definitely get them if you can when booking.

777-200 seat map

As luck would have it, one of the two empty seats in the cabin ended up being next to me, so I had two seats all to myself for this flight yet again!

My seats for the ride home

Once I sat down, the crew came around to offer pre-departure beverages and chocolates.

This flight was also among the first to get the commemorative 747 amenity kits. Inside, you’ll find the standard dental kit, moisturizers, pillow mist, tissues, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, and pen that you’d find in the new Saks Fifth Avenue kits along with 747 eyeshades, socks, and collectable trading cards.

My 747 amenity kit along with champagne and welcome chocolates
Contents of the 747 amenity kit

As we headed onto the runway, I pulled out my phone to take a video of the takeoff. Once we were in the air, the passengers seated across from me asked if I had taken the video to show my kid. I replied that it was just for me, as I’m a bit of an avgeek. No shame. 😉

Once we made it to cruise altitude, the crew began the meal service. As much as I should start trying a wider variety of entrées, I went with the short rib yet again.

Polaris menu for Frankfurt to Chicago

The drink cart then made its way through the aisle. Instead of another wine flight this time, I decided to go with a gin and tonic and a glass of San Pellegrino.

Drink cart
Gin and tonic along with some warm nuts

Shortly afterwards, the meal service began with a chilled appetizer of maple salmon, quinoa, and ginger along with a mixed green salad and a couple pieces of bread from the bread basket.

Salad and appetizer

Next up was the short rib with potatoes and green beans, with cheese and port to follow.

Short rib with potatoes and green beans
Cheese course

Finally, it was dessert time! I managed to save some room this go around and sampled an ice cream sundae with caramel along with the various cakes and macaroons they had available.

Polaris dessert selections

All that food and alcohol made it quite easy to fall asleep, so I was able to get a solid few hours of shuteye before finishing up watching Wonder Woman.

Once we were about ninety minutes out from Chicago, the crew came around to serve the arrival meal. The choices were between a meat and cheese plate or a grilled chicken entrée.

Grilled chicken before arrival

This meal was very similar to what you’d get for dinner on a domestic first class flight, and although it was certainly tasty, I feel like the casserole dish that they use just doesn’t really go with the rest of the dinnerware. But overall, no real complaints.

After a slightly early arrival in Chicago, it was time to pay another visit to the Queen.

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