Lufthansa’s Munich and Frankfurt Business Class Lounges

I was very impressed when I checked out Lufthansa’s Senator Lounge in Frankfurt back in April and I was looking forward to checking out more of their lounges on this trip.

Their product certainly did not disappoint.


Lufthansa Business Lounge, Munich

This lounge was located opposite of gate G28 in Terminal 2, right by my arriving and departing gates. Just inside were a buffet with numerous breakfast items, showers, and ample seating to wait out your layover.

Entrance to the Senator and Business Lounges
A solid buffet
It was a little too early to drink, but I was tempted…
View of the lounge’s seating area

As I had just eaten two light breakfasts already, I kept it simple and just sampled the fruit and beer. The lounge was only about half full too, so there were ample places to sit and get work done while you waited for your flight.

After my next flight, I checked out their lounge in Frankfurt.


Lufthansa Business Lounge, Frankfurt

Next, I checked out the Business Lounge over by gate Z50 in Terminal 1. It’s located above the Senator Lounge and gives you some of the best views of the airport.

I arrived just as lunch was being put out, so I would get the chance to sample Lufthansa’s lunch selections at this lounge.

Entrance to the Senator and Business Lounges
Entrance to the lounge

After making my way up the escalator and inside, I grabbed a shower to freshen up for my flight. Towels, soap, and shampoo were available, with toothbrushes, combs, razors,  and lotion are available upon request.

Unlike THE LOFT’s shower, this one didn’t have any issues draining properly.

Shower room at the Lufthansa Business lounge

Next, I sampled some of the beers and buffet items. They had the typical lunch items along with a delicious pumpkin soup and fresh pizza station (not pictured).

Lounge buffet
Some German biers
The pumpkin soup was fantastic

I spent the rest of my stay sipping my beer and taking in the views out the window.

My only real complaint during my stay was the striping they put on the windows, which ruined what could have been some amazing shots. Oh well.

Beer and beautiful planes

Overall, my Lufthansa lounge experience was excellent. The lounges were never too crowded, always clean, and had great food to hold you over until your flight.

Although you can access the lounges by having a first or business class ticket or Star Alliance Gold status, you can also purchase access via LoungeBuddy for around $70, which I would certainly consider if I had an extra-long layover.

Next up, my flight to Chicago.

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