Catching a Flight on Singapore Airlines’ New 787

It was finally time to begin my journey across the Pacific and back to the states.

The front desk at the JW Marriott was happy to call us a cab to the airport and after a 30 minute ride, we were ready to check in for our flight to Ho Chi Minh City.


Back to Ho Chi Minh

Check in and security were a breeze and we boarded out flight to Ho Chi Minh in a timely manner.

Jetstar Pacific flight 266
PQC [Phu Quoc] to SGN [Ho Chi Minh City]
August 26, 2018
Depart: 12:05 PM
Arrive: 1:10 PM
Duration: 1hr5min
Aircraft: A320
Seat: 14F

We happily paid the extra $5 for an upgrade to a roomy extra legroom seat in the exit row on this flight as well.

Jetstar A320 exit row

This flight was definitely less turbulent than the last and after just over an hour, we were back in Ho Chi Minh City


The Never Ending Layover

I tend to schedule extra time for layovers, especially when flying on separate tickets, so I had a whopping six hours between my flights.

Sadly, since this wasn’t a Singapore Airlines hub, I was only allowed to check in three hours before my departure, thus, I had to spend three hours at the check-in area. At least I stood no chance at missing my connection though!

After a lot of chatting and a long goodbye with Cheryl, I checked my bags and made my way through passport control. Just like on my flight in, the gentleman at passport control was very curious as to why I did not have a visa, but after showing him my ticket stub from my Phu Quoc flight, he ushered me through.

Next up was my complimentary spa visit that I got as a business class passenger.

Spa voucher
Sen Viet Spa

While not as good as my massage treatment at the lounge in Bangkok, I will almost never turn down a free massage.


The Orchid Lounge

I could choose between a lounge or a massage when I checked in, but since I have a Priority Pass membership from my Chase Sapphire Reserve, I got complimentary access to the Orchid Lounge.

Entering the lounge from above
Orchid Lounge Buffet
Orchid Lounge Buffet
Orchid Lounge Buffet
Orchid Lounge Drink Selection

The lounge was a great place to spend the final two hours waiting for my flight. There was ample space and a substantial buffet and beverage selection. As far as Priority Pass lounges go, this one was a winner.


Off to Singapore

Singapore Airlines flight 185
SGN [Ho Chi Minh City] to SIN [Singapore]
August 26, 2018
Depart: 7:40 PM
Arrive: 10:40 PM
Duration: 2hr0min
Aircraft: 787-10
Seat: 15A

At last! It was finally time to take a ride on Singapore Airlines’ new 787-10.

In the past, Singapore Airlines’ short haul business class cabin wasn’t anything too special, but now that they had started taking deliveries of the new Boeing 787-10, you can fly in style in a 1-2-1 seating arrangement.

Singapore Airlines’ Seat Map
Singapore Airlines 787-10

After a slight delay due to rain, boarding began and I made my way back to seat 15A.

There was an abundance of storage and even enough space for my 6’3″ frame.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat
Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat
Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat
Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat

Once I got situated, one of the lovely ladies working the flight came by to offer me a pre-departure drink.

It wasn’t the Dom or Krug that they serve in Suites Class, but it was pretty good.

Some Champagne Before Takeoff

Once we were in the air, the meal service began.

I decided to try the Wok-fried Sliced Beef in Black Bean Sauce along with a Singapore Sling.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu
Wok-fried Beef
Garlic bread
Singapore Sling

The meal was quite delicious. The presentation could have been a little better, but as this was only a 2-hour flight, I assume everything was plated with efficiency in mind.

That being said, the meal was far better than just about everything I’ve had on my short haul flights back in the states.

Soon after I finished my meal, it was time to begin our descent into Singapore.

Once on the ground, I was able to snap a photo with the business class cabin crew.

Photo with the crew.

Singapore Airlines delivered once again. Their business class product remains one of the best in the world. The food is great, the service is impeccable, and the seat is comfortable. It’s just too bad they’re only flying the 787-10 on short hauls, as I’d cross the Pacific in this plane any day.

After a short connection in Singapore, it was on to Japan on ANA’s 787.

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