A Quick Overnight in Business Class on ANA’s 787

For the next leg of my journey, I would be flying ANA’s business class for the first time on my way to Tokyo.

This was my first time flying on a Japanese airline and I was excited to see how the experience compared to Singapore’s.

All Nippon Airways flight 804
SIN [Singapore] to NRT [Tokyo Narita]
August 27, 2018
Depart: 12:35 AM
Arrive: 8:45 AM
Duration: 7hr10min
Aircraft: 787-9
Seat: 8A

This plane was configured with a comfortable 1-2-1 seating arrangement up front, so each passenger had unobstructed access to the aisle.

ANA 787-9 Seat Map

Boarding began right on time in proper Japanese fashion and I made my way back to the second business class cabin and my seat, 8A.

ANA Business Class Cabin
ANA Business Class Seat
ANA Business Class Seat

As far as business class seats go, this one was perfect. The footwell was wide enough for my feet, there was ample space to store my belongings, the controls were intuitive to use, and since I was in a seat adjacent to the window, I didn’t have to see another person besides the flight crew for the entire journey.

ANA Business Class Side Table
ANA Business Class Headphones

They also provided a basic amenity kit for the overnight flight.

ANA Business Class Amenity Kit

Once in the air, I decided to order a little snack before bed.

Since this was a short overnight flight, they provided light dishes on demand and then a full breakfast before landing. In the interest of efficiency, they even gave you a card when you boarded so you could select what you wanted to eat or elect to sleep in before landing.

ANA Business Class Menu

I decided to order the pork broth ramen for my meal and the crew recommended that I try the assorted amuses to go along with it.

Assorted Amuses
Delicious Pork Broth Ramen

The ramen was quite good and the meal was the perfect amount of food to satisfy me before I headed to sleep.

Before heading to bed, I went ahead and checked out the lavatory. With the loos on aircraft getting smaller and smaller nowadays, it was nice to see that ANA provides a spacious throne. At least in business class from what I can tell.

ANA Business Class Toiletries
ANA Business Class Lavatory

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up to sample the Japanese breakfast.

I will admit that I haven’t tried too many Japanese dishes, so this meal may have been really good by Japanese standards, but I found the rice porridge with salmon to be very weird. The rest of it wasn’t too bad though.

Japanese Breakfast

After breakfast, I spent the last bit of the flight checking out the gorgeous view out the massive 787 window. Check out that Rolls-Royce engine!

View Out one of the Giant Windows

In a timely fashion, we were on the ground in Narita.

Overall, I found the seat, service, and overall experience to be excellent, but there was something that just made ANA’s product feel different from Singapore’s. Nonetheless, I had no problems with the thought of flying them again.

787-9 at the Gate in Narita

Next up, I would have a few hours at Narita before my next ANA flight into Houston.

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